How to get Github Enterprise notifications in Mountain Lion's Notification Center

Update: My friend just showed me a Mac App($4.99) called Committed that recently added Github Enterprise support. My solution is still valid if you want a free alternative though.

We just started using Github Enterprise at the place I work.

I’m a huge fan of GitHub and have been a user since 2009. It offers all the same features as the Github website except one. The Github Mac app recently added notifications to Mountain Lion’s Notificaiton Center. It is a very useful feature when collaborating on a Github repo.

Unfortunately, Github Enterprise does not show notifications in the Notification Center. (I’ve searched Google and Stackoverflow without any luck.) So I had to come up with my own simple solution.

Here are the 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the (It shows notifications in Mountain Lions’s Notification Center.)
  2. Add your Github Enterprise news feed.
  3. See Github Enteprise notifications show up in your Notification Center!

Note: The minimum update time interval for the is 15 minutes. That is the only negative thing that I have found with it.