My 16 Essential Windows Tools of 2009

I've posted these tools to my twitter account but am now putting them here for easier access and to show the feedback I received. (Note: Some of these tools are not free or Windows specific ) (Note: These apps are just my personal opinion and I did not receive compensation for recommending them) Add your feedback to the comments!

#1 Fences - desktop organizer

feedback from facebook: facebook fences comment

#2 twhirl - Twitter client - Less complicated than tweetdeck

feedback from twitter: twitter twhirl screenshot

#3: Beyond Compare - best comparison tool I've ever used. Period!

feedback from facebook: facebook bc comment

#4: MagicDisc - mounting ISOs with greatest of ease

feedback from facebook: facebookmagic disc comment

#5: DeskSpace - virtual desktops - just found the other day, best i've used so far

#6: LogMeIn - connect to your remote machine from PC, Mac, and smartphones

feedback from facebook: facebook logmein comment

#7 - NotePad++ - my fav alternative to the original notepad

feedback from facebook: facebook notepad plus comment feedback from twitter: twitter notpad screenshot

#8: Paint.NET - superior to mspaint in every way

feedback from facebook:

#9: Pandora - the invaluable distraction blocker

#10: RD Tabs - tabbed remote desktop organizer - I couldnt live without this!

feedback from twitter: twitter rd tab screenshot

#11: UltraMon - multi-monitor organizer

#12: PowerCommands for Visual Studio - adds more functionality to the VS IDE

#13: WizMouse - get mouse wheel scrolling in any window with no clicking

#14: Xobni - adds better email search and organization to your inbox

#15: 7-Zip - much better archiver than the one that comes default with Windows

feedback from twitter: 7zip screenshot

#16: OneNote - best note/screenshot taker that natively integrates with Microsoft Office

Here is an extra tool by my good friend @evantravers: Console2 - a nice cmd.exe replacement twitter recommend
Here is a twitter list of all the feedback contributors! Thanks guys! @robbihun @benpike @joelance @jaandrews @tbmiller @allenblair @idisposable @kwsanders