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12 Open Source Libraries to Speed Up Your iOS Development

12 Open Source Libraries to Speed Up Your iOS Development

Published Mar 21 2011

The following libraries have helped me speed up my iOS development by allowing me to add features to apps with minimal effort.

  • ASIHTTPRequest - An easy to use wrapper around CFNetwork API.
  • ShareKit - Drop-in share features for all iOS apps. Supported services: Delicious, Email, Facebook, Google Reader, Instapaper, Pinboard, Read It Later, Tumblr, Twitter.
  • RegexKitLite - Enables easy access to regular expressions by providing a number of additions to the standard Foundation NSString class.
  • CrashKit - It catches uncaught exceptions, traps signals, and sends them to developer by email.
  • Three20 - It is a collection of iPhone UI classes, like a photo viewer, and general utilities. Three20 is derived from the Facebook iPhone app.
  • JSON Framework - A strict JSON parser/generator for Objective-C.
  • FullyLoaded - A highly opinionated image loader and cache optimized for UITableView scrolling performance.
  • AWS SDK for iOS - It provides a library, code samples, and documentation for developers to build connected applications for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices using Amazon Web Services.
  • Facebook SDK for iOS - It allows you to integrate Facebook into your iOS application include iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • MGTwitterEngine - Objective-C Twitter integration library for Mac OS X and iPhone.
  • Twitter OAuth iPhone - An easy way to get Twitter authenticating with OAuth on iPhone.
  • PullToRefresh - A simple iPhone TableViewController for adding pull-to-refresh functionality.

2 bonus libraries that I created