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My Top 7 Life Moments of 2009

My Top 7 Life Moments of 2009

Published Jan 14 2010

So I got back from a 2 week vacation at the beginning of this year and started thinking about the great times I had in 2009. Here are seven of my most memorable  moments of 2009:

7. First 5k run



I ran my first 5k for Susan Komen Race for the Cure. It was a blast! There were tons of people and even a big group of people from work(in the above photo) that ran this race. It was a very muggy day but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There were many concession stands that had free food, free water, face painting, and funnel cakes! I'm looking forward to running this race again next year.

6. Skydiving

I took a 14,000 foot leap of faith in 2009.

5. iPhone Development


I decided to start learning how to develop iPhone applications in 2009. Each night I would learn a little bit more about iPhone development and moved toward my goal of creating my first iPhone app. All my hard work paid off in December 2009 when I released my first iPhone application, Bham iCamp, for iphonecampbham. I was also able to give one presentation about iPhone development at BarcampMemphis and two presentations at iPhoneCampBham. I've also been privileged to do some iPhone dev work for my friend Brian Cauble, owner of AppsoluteGenius.

4. One year anniversary at work

I am so thankful to have an awesome job in this economy!

3. Inspirageek


My friend Tom Miller and I started inspirageek in 2009. We started it to help people learn about success, technology and inspiration. My favorite moment that came from the creation of this  site has to be when I was able to interview Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress! The interview was also put on the website and has 721 plays so far.

2. Graduation

Yup, I finally did it. After many ups and downs, I have finally earned my Bachelors Degree of Computer Science from ITT.

1. Conferences

I attended more conferences in 2009 than I ever have in my life! My travels led me from Alabama to Georgia and Tennessee. The first conference I attended was the third annual BarCampBirmingham on May 2nd 2009. It turned out to be my favorite conference of the year because I got to develop many meaningful relationships with many of the attendees, of which I still maintain to this day. Here are some of the cool people I was able to meet:

I also attended Social South, RubyConf, BarcampMemphis, BarcampNashville, CodeStock, iPhoneCampAtlanta, iPhoneCampBham, SqlSaturday, and Alabama Code Camp

In conclusion, I challenge all of you to look back and write down your favorite life moments of 2009. It will show you if you are really living or just doing meaningless things with your life. I'll be back next year to share my favorite life moments of 2010! Until then make sure to live your life!!